Out of Australia

Here is the cover of my about to be released book of poetry ‘Out of Australia’ containing 100 of my poems including Australian bush poetry, traditional rhyme, free verse, sonnets & war related poetry. This collection of poems covers my very early poems from late 2006 until late 2009, it is a personal journey in which the reader travels with me as I improve my style & skills in writing.

This book will be published & printed by ASA Publishing Company & will be promoted throughout the U.S, U.K, Europe, New Zealand & Australia. I am so looking forward to this release as many of you are as well.

For expressions of interest in my book please email  info@davidjdelaney.com



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17 responses to “Out of Australia

  1. Congrats Dave on a beautiful looking blog.

  2. Brenda

    Well done David, looks great:)

  3. Carmel

    Congrats David on the new blog, looks terrific!!& Good luck for the release of Out of Australia!!!

  4. Congrats on entering blogdom.

    The new book looks great – clever idea.

    We have a new blogger in Dave.
    A shiny new path he will pave.
    He’ll take to the stage
    With a bright cyber page.
    He’s clever! He’s witty! He’s brave!

  5. LOL!!!..thank you Stephen, looks like I’m not the only one who’s witty!

  6. Jenny Markwell

    Congrats on the new book and the blog David. It looks great.

  7. Thank you so much Jenny & congrats to you with all the success you are having.

  8. Absolutely wonderful blog, Dave. I agree with what you said in the last paragraph, there are – many – of us eager to purchase a copy of, “Out of Australia.”

    Here’s to great poetry and well deserved success.

    Best, Stuart

  9. Thank you so much Stuart for visiting & your wonderful comments mate, to anyone else who reads this please visit Stuart’s web via the link on my blog, you won’t be dissapointed.

  10. Jim Walden

    David, great work, looking forword to see how all goes when comes out. congrat’s.

  11. Thank you James for visiting & for your wonderful support, I’ll be looking forward to sending you your signed copy mate.

  12. Melissa Gray

    As always your new book will be a great read 😀 Love the new blog and best wishes to the family. Looking through the blog bought back great memories of your first book launch.

  13. Thank you so much Mel, your support has & will always be apreciated, I hope you are still writing too.

    • Melissa Gray

      Not so much at the moment. But you know me, I have my quiet periods than bam I am back to writing. The books looks great by the way.

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