Buy up!!!!

My book ‘Out of Australia’

is selling quite well…BUT!!…could be doing better, so everyone if you are looking for a Christmas present or, just enjoy reading some Aussie poetry, you won’t be disappointed so buy up my friends, buy up. Here is the link.



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4 responses to “Buy up!!!!

  1. Congratulations, David.

    WOOHOO! I just bought my copy and I’m eager to get it.

  2. G’day David,
    I am absolutely thrilled, the beautiful – colour edition – of your fabulous book has just arrived in the mail. I know what I will be doing tonight!

    I hope people are buying, “Out of Australia” for Christmas; it would make a great gift.

    Thanks mate, and all the best for the season.


  3. Thank you so much Stuart, definately shouting you a beer or three when I see you, so glad you enjoy my writing mate.

    All the best for you & Lisa & family for the festive season.


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