In very good company.

I received this yesterday from my friend Candice James. So proud to be amongst some very talented poets. 

Candice James
Poet Laureate of The City Of New Westminster, BC CANADA

4 April 17:02

Your poetry was chosen!!

New West Artists Visual Verse Poem Matches
for May 4-31, 2012 Exhibition at The River Market

1.Valerie McRae will visualize “Wayfairing Wounded Wondrously” by Helene Levasseur
2.Carolyn Mclaughlan will visualize “Grieving” by Manolis Aligizakis
3.Julie Moore will visualize “Signs” by John Oughton
4.Richard Armstrong will visualize “Tales From the Holograph Woods” by Eileen Kernaghan
5.Irene Lacharite will visualize “Muse” by Meharoona Ghani
6.Janet Kvammen will visualize “Closet” by Manolis Aligizakis
7.Theresa Morton will visualize “The Sea Inside” by Wanda Lea Brayton
8.My Artist’s Corner will visualize “Old Life Dreams” by David J Delaney
9.Rob Fee will visualize “The House” by Angel Edwards
10.Donald McKillican will visualize “Gritted Knee” by Jeffrey Galuidi
11.Gabrielle Grieg will visualize “Florenzia Bay” by W. Ruth Kozak
12.Omanie Elias will visualize “Half A Face” by Ashok Bhargava
13.Rita Mogyorosi will visualize “Long Beach” by Janet Kvammen
14.Menno Bos will visualize “Bleak House Alley” by Candice James
15.Carole Millar will visualize “Within The Serpent’s Eye” by Sullivan
16.Gillian Wright will visualize “Urban Nursery” by Mickey Bickerstaff
17.Marney Rose Edge will visualize “The Ancestor” by Ariadne Sawyer
18.Christine Monroe will visualize “The Scribe” by Richard Klyne
19.Anthony Hollenstein will visualize “Baby, it’s cold out there” by Jude Neale
20.Lana Hart will visualize “Velvet Tangerine” by Strider Marcus Jones
21.Lavana LaBrey will visualize “Children In A Chair” by Virginia Ayers
22.Carolyn Mohr will visualize “Dance” by Lilija Valis
23.Monique Lum will visualize “Jump” by Donna Ross
24.Elena Perelman will visualize “A Small Island” by Donna Ross
25.Judith Copland will visualize “Rubies” by Donna Ross
26.Norm Coridor will visualize “The Song of the River” by Janet Kvammen
27.Richard Klyne will visualize “A Century and a Half” by Alejandro Mujica Olea
28.Shelley Rothenburger will visualize “Hit Your Head” by Richard Armstrong
29.Cliff Blank will visualize “Lust Leads Somewhere” by Richard Armstrong
30.Peri-Laine Nilan will visualize a poem by a friend
31.Maggie Callendar will visualize a poem by her daughter
32.Donna Ross will visualize a poem by her daughter Hanna
33.Nina Shelton will visualize “Sownrock” by Nina Shenton
34.Benoit Pronovost will visualize “Maker” by Nina Shenton



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3 responses to “In very good company.

  1. Great news Dave. Congratulations 🙂

  2. Rita

    Thanks for posting this listing! Just a correction — my last name is spelled “Mogyorosi,” not “Magyoiski” (see #13 “Long Beach” by Janet Kvammen). Cheers.

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