Candice James great modern day sonneteer.

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I love the sonnet, this much disciplined form of poetry, which dates back to the 1200’s, has been mastered by Canadian poet and poet laureate of the city of New Westminster BC, Candice James, within her book of sonnets “Midnight Embers”.

The detail and structure of James’s sonnets shows the ‘blood sweat and tears’ that went into each and every sonnet, and, is truly an inspiration to anyone who loves poetry, especially the sonnet form.

Candice has the ability to keep you enthralled be it one of the many slightly ‘dark’ sided sonnets e.g. “Reckoning”

“I tremble praying my name’s found in it;
Then thunder, lightning as the dead arose.
A number carved on forehead brows was writ.
As demons danced in Hellish lustful throes”

Or the beautiful love and light hearted sonnets like ‘This Tree’ definitely one of my favorites and, one I can’t resist revisiting when opening James’s book

“I’ve watched her dance in every season’s arms;
In nakedness and wrapped in shiny leaves.
I’ve seen her swoon, fall prey to Autumn’s charms,
And watched the dying leaves fall from her sleeves.

A sentinel on guard that’s always been,
This tree has eyes and oh, the sights she’s seen”

One also can’t forget the number of tributes to the sonnet itself as in “Sonnet Fever”

“With raging bloodshot eyes that hypnotize
In ever tight’ning vice upon the mind
Insanity doth harness my demise,
As darkened moods continue to unwind.

For sonnet fever, there is no respite.
It writes love’s pages at the edge of night”

Midnight Embers is a sonneteer’s delight, 117 brilliantly written poems to keep any reader glued to each and every word on each and every page.

I would encourage anyone to purchase this wonderful “Midnight Embers”

Well done Candice.


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