About David J Delaney

I am a former Brisbane boy but now currently live and work in Cairns with my very patient, and darling wife, I sometimes wonder where I get the time to write but always seem to manage to pen something also I am a member Tropical writers group CairnsAustralian Bush Poets Association http://www.abpa.org.au & Book Creators Circle

Having had no formal education in writing and now into my 50’s, I wanted to show that someone like myself without higher schooling could write and enjoy it. For me school, Rocklea State School, (when I was there) was a place to ‘hang out’ with my mates and I actually only completed 3 months of high school (Salisbury) before leaving at the age of 15.

After numerous jobs throughout my youth I eventually moved into Furniture Removals where I stayed for approximately 25 years. For 17 of these, my wife and I operated our own removal business, and was able to travel extensively throughout N.S.W and Queensland.

Since leaving the removal industry several years ago and having some ‘thinking’ time, my experiences, memories of driving the highways and tracks, the vast and beautiful outback, my wife, daughters, grand children and family, stories from mates, work colleagues and close war veterans have given me the inspiration for my writings.

The release of my 1st book “My small book of poems” in May 2007 has been one incredible step for me. The size of my book was purposely done to gauge the reaction of the public. Despite not being proof read and having mistakes the response was both humbling and amazing, with comments from the likes of John Williamson, Mel from Sunrise, Steve Ahmet from Easylistening 846, Pat Morrish of Far North ABC Radio and many others & including sales to the U.S, U.K, Ireland, Japan & more. This inspired me to keep writing and in March 2008 released my 2nd volume “Rhymes of Times”.

I’m humbled to say that the interest my writing has created has led to over 60 publications & or interviews on radio, news papers, magazines, e-zines, web sites & blogs including the likes of the L.A. Examiner.com, Writers News Weekly in Pittsburgh & the Canadian National News paper, Assegai magazine, Expactica (Germany), Burning Bush Publications (U.S.), American Cowboy Poetry, Agence France-Presse & all my friends at Book Creators Circle http://www.bookcreatorscircle.com.au/a/Home

I have also been included in a number of anthologies including, Tropical writers http://www.tropicalwriters.com  ‘Raining on the sun’ & ‘Cracks in the Canopy’ & ASA Publishing Company’s  ‘Poetic Expressions’ (U.S.)

Also in this short time of writing I have achieved, Selection in the top ten award for ASA Publishing’s anthology 2007. Primary short list/commended place, Tom Howard poetry competition 2008. 2nd place in ASA Publishing poetry competition 2008. Commended place in Scribligums ‘Gumblossoms’ competition 2008. Commended place in Scribligums ‘Gumblossoms’ competition 2010. 2nd place in Scribligums short story competition 2010. Commended place in Scribligums short story competition 2010. Commended place in the Cervantes bush poetry competition 2010. 1st place in the Reef Writers, Port Douglas poetry competition 2010.

I am about to release ‘Out of Australia’  a 100 poem compilation of my poems from my very early poetry up to late 2009, this book is a journey for the reader showcasing what I have achieved & how I have improved in my writing style & discipline.

I hope you enjoy the journey I have taken so far & stay with me on my future tavels.

7 responses to “About David J Delaney

  1. Well done of the blog, looking forward to reading it more

  2. marty

    Onya Dave . . . great stuff, geez that image of the Hampton’s roadtrain brings back memories. Good luck with the book.

    Cheers, Marty

  3. No worries mate, yep I remember trying to overtake the bloody things in my furniture rigid & ‘pig’ trailer.

  4. Daughter dear

    Awesome Dad!!!

  5. You have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. It is always a pleasure reading your posts. Keep up the good work!
    To accept the award, please go here for details http://normamartiri.wordpress.com/awards-publications/1891-2/

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