Free verse



This Gum’s age he could not contemplate,
zephyrs swirl through leaves,
flickers sunlight like an old film projector.

Memories stir
she’s beside him
soul mate, his love, his rock.

Adoring eyes meet as they always have.

Returning to their cottage
peeling paint
fly screen door — gauze torn — rotting.

Walking, slowly along dusty floor
past the disused stove

Glimpses, her apron over the oven door handle

Notices, cobwebs

His meals now brought on wheels.

Tired, he’s on their bed
once filled with devoted love
he drifts….

Again she stands beside him
though, now more than a vision.

Takes her hand
beneath flickering sunlight.

David J Delaney
19/01/2010    ©



Electric activity in dark corridors
Racing deep within my mind
Knowing I shouldn’t do this

Echoing Voices say, Do it! Do it!

Sweat oozing from my forehead
Vessels pumping, pushing blood through veins
Heated brain feels like exploding

Haunting voices say, Do it! Do it!

Moving forward every muscle straining
Can’t stop, what’s started must be finished
Satisfaction must be finally achieved

Persistent voices say, Do it! Do it!

Why do I do this, hurts so much
Day in day out, why can’t I stop
Thinking of those who need me

Amplified voices say, Do it! Do it! 


WHY!  WHY!  I ask


Why do people need bloody piano’s  



David J Delaney
30/04/2008    © 



Nights reign, almost over.

Golden rays,
creeping over land,
releasing life from darkness.

Tall trees,
first feel heat.

Warm sun,
reaching crevices damp.

Furry animals – peek from burrows.

Birds – stretch wings.

greeting dawn,
cocooned flowers awake,
colours penetrating foliage.

Myriad of perfumes fill,
misty breezes carry,
tantalizing senses.

Droplets of jewels,
on intricate webs

thick, trickles,
from leaves,
crickets creaking echoes within.

sounds of cracking branches,
Sticky vines curl along brown trunks

Flowing water,
on endless journey babbling,
bubbling over mossy rocks.

Forest sounds loud,
reverberating all,

Vibrant life,



Till night reigns again.

David J Delaney
08/04/2008  ©  


Myna Madness

Tip tip tap tip tap tip tap tap tip,
mongrel things, they’re on the roof again
driving me insane with their boisterous
fighting, the water hose disperses them
for a short time as they retreat to nearby
powerlines, where, through their satanic,
yellow patch eyes, watch my every move,
if I walk towards them they warn each other
with that annoying aaark! aaark! aaark!
before, fleeing a slight distance further,
as if they know, how much they frustrate me,
why? why did our academic genius’s
introduce these feathered devil’s disciples,
when, Mr. and Mrs. Average could have
told them the outcome, you don’t need
a degree to see the destruction, and death,
of native birdlife accruing each day.
Cunningness, out shines the fox,
breeding, out does the rabbit,
area’s inhabited, out strips the toad,
they tease, provoke and strut with boldness
as they return, while I move back inside.

Tip tip tap tip tap tip tap tap tip.

MONGRELS !!!!!!!

David J Delaney
20/10/2010   ©



Encounter of a different kind



This expanse, never ending,
horizon seems unreachable.

Truck hums its monotonous tune.

Offsider’s in the same trance,

we gaze into nothing.

Eyes squint, simultaneously we lurch forward

‘what is it’ he says,
‘don’t know’ I say.

A black spot, stands out like a blob on vivid canvas.

This piglet’s life ended quickly.

‘I’ll move it’ he says,
‘ok’ I say.

Pliers clamp on an ear,
blood runs freely, no rigour.

He returns, we move on.

‘my first pig’ he says,

‘where’s its mum’ I say.

‘You bastard’,

I laugh,

we both laugh.

David J Delaney
08/06/2010    ©


4 responses to “Free verse

  1. Just catching up with some of your poetry Dave. I didn’t realise you wrote free verse. I really enjoyed these. Very descriptive. Can’t say which is my favourite because they’re all so good. Keep writing them 🙂

  2. Thank you Norma….(-: I don’t write very much free verse, still feels a little funny not rhyming the ends….LOL!!

  3. Hi David, i just discovered you on Goodreads. Enjoyed reading your free verse. I also write poetry. You can find a few of mine from my book Kaleidoscope if you are interested at

  4. G’day Dale, sorry for the slack responce, I should visit more….:-) glad you enjoy my poetry, I’ll visit your site…:-)

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