No. 1

Morning hark of crows
Sun warms Australian bush
Life is to be lived.

David J Delaney
11/03/2010    ©
No. 3

Mist on mountains high
Bellbirds sing through valleys green
Breathtaking beauty

David J Delaney
12/03/2010   ©
No. 4

I Lie in tall grass
Cloudless sky now feels in reach
Childhood memories

David J Delaney
12/03/2010     ©
No. 5

Oceans rolling waves
Willy willy’s desert dance
Timeless ancient land

David J Delaney
20/03/2010    ©
No. 6

Deadly bullets fly
I miss my family so
Will death become me.

David J Delaney
07/06/2010   ©

No. 7

A boy and Eagle
their spirit now joined as one
soar the heights of life.

David J Delaney
09/07/2010    ©


4 responses to “Haiku

  1. Nice work; some powerful images. You clearly love your country, which is nice to see.

  2. Lisa kinsella

    So real and descriptive you can feel the elements

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