Here are some more sonnets.


Sonnet no.3

Snowy Mountain Blood

He views the brumbies fleeing down the hill
while now he’s chasing, closing at great pace.
And knowing that one slip out here could kill,                    
he can’t afford a tumble or lose face.
The cracking stockwhip sounded as he cheered
it echoed through the valley far below.
These Queensland mountains many have revered,
though riders died when footings lost would throw.
remembers how the man rode snowy’s side,
his father told the story long ago.
And how his heart beat hard with so much pride,
it was his Granddad dealt the best a blow.
He fronts the mob and halts them with one crack!
now with them all defeated, drives them back.
David J Delaney
27/11/2009    ©


Sonnet no. 4

Nature and War

Soft morning sun shines through moist droplets clear
now radiating coloured prisms bright.
The almost silent brook is trickling near
as Autumn leaves float to the ground so light.
While pristine beauty now is all abound, 
though some short years ago this was not so.
There were no flowers growing from the ground
the trickling gentle brook had ceased to flow.
With soldiers corpses rotting in the mud.                             
No fields of green, or pollen on the breeze,
just craters with the deads’ own flowing blood
that soak the roots of what were once grand trees.
When fighting’s done, then nature plies her trade,                 
as once again, she comes to mankind’s aid.                     
David J Delaney
9/12/2009    ©


Sonnet no. 5


New morning sun brings forth her warming rays
while dying leaves drift gently to the ground.
Approaching winter soon will dampen days,
when ice will hang from barren trees abound.  
Korea’s changing beauty I have seen,
penned every scene for all the world to read.
I miss so much your sparkling eyes of green,
while for your love, my heart again will bleed.
The freezing snow will cover all that lives
I hope I will survive this daily fight.
A priest once said that Jesus Christ forgives,
though what I do, he could not see as right.
My helmet sits upon my weary head ─
My rifle, now replaces pencil lead.
David J Delaney
27/12/2009      ©


Sonnet no.1

The paupers friend

Now thou hast mingled with the noble class
but they’d not see in life that I do see,
they hold their feasts’, drink from their purest glass,
in finest mansions built beside the sea.
See not the homeless begging on the street,
nor in dark laneways, wet with cold they die.
See not the children sick or with bare feet,
nor for the measly scraps thrown out they vie.
If I could forward through the frames of time
to lands afar unheard of now by thee,
would not thine eyes view pestilence and crime,
would still there be fine mansions by the sea.
Where still are those who sleep in laneways cold,
where nobles, whom for wealth their souls they’ve sold.
David J Delaney.
17/11/2009   ©


One response to “Sonnets

  1. Lovely reading. Sonnet 4 is a particular favourite. The almost silent brook is trickling near… Great imagery – gentle Nature opposed to man, ironically in many ways Her greatest triumph.

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