In this great expanse
they breach the oceans surface
Whales show weathered tails
then splash in magnificence
on their yearly migration.

David J Delaney
25/06/2010    ©

Lost life

Standing on the beach
their way of life unchanged
watch as white men land,
now wise elders hang their heads
for tribal ways won’t remain

David J Delaney
28/06/2010    ©

Soldiers thoughts

Carefully I walk
rifle firmly clasped in hands
thoughts of family,
with enemy hidden well
will deadly bullets find me.

David J Delaney
25/06/2010     ©


His broken heart pains,
turns his back then walks away
from this fresh dirt mound
where his darling now resides,
for this hurt will not abate.

David J Delaney.
25/06/2010    ©


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